Sunday, October 17, 2010

October morning on my balcony

When I opened my eyes this morning, all I could see was a pretty dense fog over the lake.

But when the sun came up, the fog started dissipating rapidly. I could see wild geese, making a stop on our lake on their way south

When they walk on the grassy shore beneath my balcony

Sweetie gets crazy, wanting to jump down and chase them

Fortuno does not care - he is too busy chasing something else. A small lizard, perhaps?

or this green bug next to hibiscus' flower? (Now, what's the English name of this magnificent bug?)
Misssy and Rascal don't care either. Rascal, apparently angry that his breakfast is being delayed by this morning gathering on the balcony, went under the balcony bed, so I can't see him... and neither can you...

... while Misia jumped on the table...
to consume garlic chives, undisturbed by either me or Tuno - the other chives' lovers.

Fall is a good plant season here in the south - they thrive in the cooler weather

Within half an hour... there is no more fog

just flowers in the autumn sun
blue salvia
Siam tulips

The wild geese flew away for the day. There will be another flock coming in the evening, but now the lake is clear.