Tuesday, December 30, 2008

High on High!

Post Christmas weekend was devoted to high culture... which in Atlanta - at least as far as visual art goes - means High Museum of Art.

Art is one of the things I miss most living in Puerto Rico (the other being: comfortable housing, decent roads, fresh vegetables, less bureaucracy etc. ).

Yes, I have visited -more than once - the musea ( I know that in English I should have written museums but for a student of Latin it sounds soooooo totally wrong, I'll stick with the correct Latin plural from museum, that is musea) in Ponce and San Juan, but High in Atlanta, in addition to its impressive permanent collection, exhibits regualrly interesting collections from other leading musea in the world.

And right now it had three such exhibitions going on at once, and I did not want to miss any of them. So I decided to devote one day to see The Masterpieces from Louvre and Medieval and Renaissance Treasures from Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Please click on the links and come see them with me - you won't regret it!

But one of the days had to be devoted solely to one of the biggest archeological art discoveries of the previous century: the terracota army of the first emperor of China.

Its sheer magnitude is mind boggling: as is the artistry of each individual piece

So, please, click on the exhibition link, see the masterpieces of ancient China, watch the videos, ENJOY!


zooms said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I feel the same way about Musea, we have a museum in town and a local Arts Council, who do great things but oh ................
thank you .x

Minerva said...

:-))) I thought you would appreciate it... so I reveal a secret: a calendar from this exhibition is on its way to you to lend you some art inspiration for the New Year!

zooms said...

Oh, how lovely, so kind, I really appreciate this, thanks. yippee. x\
Happy New Year to you and yours xxx