Wednesday, December 26, 2007

To buy.... or not to buy. That is the question

very suitable for the days of after Christmas shopping madness.

No, I do not participate in the general shopping madness - but am pondering a question whether to buy furniture. If I want to move to the unfurnished apartment I need to either buy new furniture (which seem rather ugly here: the preferred furniture color here seems to be all the "lovely" shades of poo: from beige to brown. Brr... And the shapes are either too countryish crude or too twisted ornamental - definitively not me. I am afraid I would have constant nighmares surrounded by this type of furniture) .. or get my remaining ones shipped.

Yet - less than three months ago - I promised "kids" who help me with my countless moves, that there would be no more moves with furniture and stuff. And I sold and gave away most of my Finnish and Swedish well loved arctic birch pieces, my white Italian leather sofa and armchair. And now I am dreaming of IKEA - something light, simple, unassuming, unpretential, unserious even - something that would function perfectly as furniture but did not feel confining.

Uh, huh, why oh why IKEA aren't you here? Shopping would be so easy - and so enjoyable.

Without you I have to wander among many small local furniture stores with really, really heavy, dark and ugly pieces, almost crying... yet I can't move to the apartment I like and sit, eat and sleep on its pristine white ceramic floors!!!


Speaking Boricua said...

There is an "ikia"--yes, a blatant rip-off--all the way in Carolina. But I doubt it has what you'd be looking for anyways. :)

Minerva said...

Thanks for the tip. I guess I won't venture to Carolina in serch of ikia. Though someone should do something about furniture on this island. I might go for a bambu = tropical stuff (just not shabbily tainted dark brown) if I saw some nice one anywhere.

Speaking Boricua said...

I know what you mean, most of the people I know don't have really nice furniture. I'm pretty sure you could get some nice furniture in SJ or maybe Mayaguez (which is a lot closer to you), since a lot of the richer people live there. Good luck!