Saturday, December 1, 2007

A weekend at El Yunque

View of El Yunque

Wow! Isn't El Yunque magnificent? The breathtaking vistas,

View from El Yungue toward the sea

the lushness of its flora, the richness of its fauna, the magnificent waterfalls

La Coca waterfall

and its natural swimming pools

El bano grande

We were lucky: during our weekend visit it rained only during the night and the weather during the day was glorious, sunny, allowing far far vistas. We drove first to the interpretive center, learned about the endangered Puerto Rican green parrots, view exhibits, picked driving and hiking instructions, then drove all the length of 191, stopping to have a quick glimpse at all the roadside attractions.
El Yunque is very friendly towards mobility impaired people: sights like La Coca waterfall, and El Bano grande can be enjoyed from the car.
Then we took a couple of different length hikes: a pleasant stroll to La Mina waterfall, a more challenging climb to the old tower near the top, a fun trek from El Bano del Oro to El Bano Grande with a dip in each.
If I did not work at the west coast of Puerto Rico, I would move in an instant somewhere close to El Yunque: not only it is a natural wonder, but, as if it was not enough, it is located only about 36 km from San Juan, and about 5-10 km from glorious, sandy beaches. May be when I stop working?

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