Thursday, January 3, 2008

Last move

The beach in front of my new apartment, facing Aguada.

This has been a busy New Year's Eve for me.
I moved. (Yeah, on New Year's Eve, of all days of the year!)
Again. (Can you believe it?)
From a cosy, furnished studio , where I lived during the last two weeks of the last year

on one side of the white villa

to a large, empty, unfurnished two bedroom appartment on the other side.

Which means the move took a lot longer than it should have done, since - instead of packing my stuff - I simply grabbed a handfull of it and walked to the other side. Then grabbed some more and walked again and so on, so on, so on, so........ (you got the picture?).

Well, after more than half a day, most of the stuff I have here, in Puerto Rico, was hidden in one of the two really large closets, or in the kitchen cabinets, or in the laundry room....and I had a new variation of a minimalist living: a leather recliner of a color of a melted butter in the living room, a reading lamp and a so called decorator table as a side table, covered - since uncovered it's ugly - by a Spanish mantilla.

A painting by Roberto Ortiz, which I got as a birthday present, on the wall and a book on the table completed the living room.

In the master bedroom I - so far - placed solely a queen sized raised airbed.

I promised myself not to exceed - during the first month - an agreed with myself home furnishing budget and thus placed myself in a dillemma: a nice, soft, good quality pillowtop bed or a nice, rather large, good quality.... plasma TV. And guess what won?

When I pick up that plasma TV during the weekend it will - according to the plan - go on the wall in the living room ( if I manage to mount it ... or talk my landlord into "helping me" = doing it for me) between the front and a side windows, so that watching TV I could also watch the Atlantic....

Ah, the kitchen comes with a bar and two bar chairs, so I do have somewhere to eat.... before I buy a table and a couple of chairs...

while each of the bedrooms will this month sport only its own airbed and its own cardboard box as a side table, unless I "splurge" on two more decorating tables. :-)

But the kitten, of course, makes even the most minimalist place seem filled to the brim.

But the possibly best part of the new abode is... the beach. It feels both dramatic

(can you guess looking at this picture why it is called Table Rock Beach?)

and secluded, like on a deserted island:

So here I plan to play Robinson Crusoe for at least a year, perhaps two... and NOT MOVE EVEN ONCE all of this year! Here, my New Year's Resolution! (Does it mean I am getting old - I wonder...)


Jen said...

What fun! You get to lovingly fill your home with beautiful things you really like!

What a beautiful view!

Minerva said...

Well, not quite, I am afraid. If I bring the stuff in, then yes, if I buy stuff in Puerto Rico, it would have to be a compromise between two very different tastes. But, yes, I intend it to be fun.

Bloggblad said...

Det låter som ett spännande liv. Lite annorlunda mot vad jag ser just nu: SNÖ SNÖ SNÖ

zooms said...

There is something for you over at my blog Minerva to thank you for all the fun your posts give me x

Jen said...

Hey Minerva! I have awarded your blog the "You make my day" award over at Living Dominica!

Minerva said...

Wow, Jen, zooms, I am speachless (which does not happen often) - and feel very honored. But what did I do to deserve your kindness???

Thnks, bloggblad for visiting. I enjoy your blog. :-)

Ewa said...

that first picture makes me eee... envy you the view :))
house looks great!
moongarden? I never heard such term before - what is it?

You said orange mint? that's also new to me, sounds great. I am going to google it.
I did cover my last 3 roses today - day was warm and sunny - Pani każe Pani ma :)

Minerva said...

Ewa, do I need to find the architect of the house to congratulate him, or can I just congratulate my landlord for making it pristine... and myself for spotting it? Moongarden is a garden you can enjoy in the moonlight (possibly a bit enhanced with some other, inobtrusive, sources of lighting). Thus - fragrance and a light reflecting colors, like white. No red, since it is the first color to recede in the dark. In Poland maciejka ( do you know a latin name?) would be a given ( I am tempted to try it in Puerto Rico, if I get some seeds from somewhere), white tobbaco - if it grows there, etc.