Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My unusally well filled refrigerator

Here's what I found in my fridge looking for a snack.

Funny, just a moment ago she was outside a guestroom window

Apparently the "fish" she was exploring turned out to be inedible, so she tried the fridge....
but there she found mostly fruits and vegetables ... aah, and raw catfood, of course:

Smart kitty!


Retired Syd said...

Oh my gosh, does she know how to open the refrigerator door?

Thanks for including me on your blogroll, an honor!


Minerva said...

I hope not. She must have gotten in when I kept the door open unloading something. I am very careful now to check what (or who) is in the fridge, before I close the door.
And you are welcome. :-)