Monday, February 25, 2008

Last week at this assignment

Two weeks ago I felt sick like a dog (a definitively temporary condition) and - after reading a blog of a couple of "nonworking" new Puerto Ricans - I felt bone tired ( probably a bit less temporary condition) of the working part of my retirement, so I decided to end the working part as soon as possible without harming the organization I work for.
I figured out a way and here I am - my last week of working... for a while.

I am finishing reports, writing a task list and a timeline for whoever will try to fullfil any of my duties.

Last week I had a separation angst, I must admit. Despite being tired, I became increasingly worried knowing that a large part of the plans I made for the organisation would not be executed after my departure, because there is nobody here with either the expertise, experience or even time to to execute them, no matter how detailed task list and timelines I write. But I have originally comitted only to three months here and have remained now for over four. I guess we all like to be needed, sometimes. I do, too, but not to a degree that the knowledge of being needed wold turn me into a slave.

But, since I decided to stay on the island of Puerto Rico - whether working or not - at least for a while longer, I offered as a compromise that I might be available part time ad hoc in a crisis.

That offer satisfied my conscience, but whether it will serve the organization, remains to be seen.
Still ... parting is such a SWEET sorrow...

Ok, break is over - let's go back to reports, task lists and timelines.

Come next monday and all I will have to decide will be whether to take a Spanish lesson first, then go swimming and snorkeling, or may be dig some in the garden, then go to the beach to do some yoga.... you know, a normal, non-working retirees daily dilemmas ;-)


Anonymous said...

There is so much to do here you made a good choice. Even though we are on an island it really doesn't feel like it. Yesterday I went windsurfing, today we did yard work, tomorrow were going to the beach, and Thursday night we are going diving after another day in the yard. Have you snorkeled steps beach yet? We had a nice time when we were there. Soon the mangoes will be ripe!


Minerva said...

Aah, mangoes! I heard about this rpad near Aguada full of mango trees, where car stop and people pick mangos while passing by. I have snorkeled the reserve several times, mostly from the shore, but also on a sailing trip. I must admit that the views are nowhere near as spectacular as in Red Sea, where I used to snorkel in my young days, while living in Europe, or even in the area near Cozumel or Tulum on the Mayan peninsula, but my daughter, who somehow never snorkeled before, was enchanted, so she will visit more often - a mother hopes. :-)