Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Of closing and opening doors

(photo by Carina)

Yesterday I read an interesting article in the New York Times .
Of people's angst to close any doors: even if any of the closed doors could be reopened any time without any penalty whatsoever, participants in the study kept jumping to doors that were closing, desite the fact that this behavior incurred a penalty.
Moral: try to review your strategy on keeping your options open and if it does not serve you quite as you imagined it would, perhaps rethink it. And for heavens sake close a few doors if you feel a draft!

Now, as every (?) advisor I do not always follow advice, even my own - not always follow the logic of it, behaving somewhat irrationally, like any (?) human being.

So, before I even closed ONE door (one assignment) completely, I already got involved in evaluating getting involved in THREE new ones!
One of them starting (the on site evaluation phase) next week and one already this weekend.

I thought I was tired ( and I still am).

I thought I wanted more leisure: beach, snorkeling, gardening, jungle excursions, Spanish conversations, gallery hopping ... (and I still do).

But, it seems, I still am - most of all - an incorrigible workoholic ( which, nota bene, supposedly is a strictly masculine trait ...oh, really???).

If I weren't, would an adventure into work - new work - always seem more exciting than an adventure into any kind of leisure??? What do I - subconsciously - have against leisure? May be more exercises into shadow writing would help me be more of a beach bum?

Perhaps it's a bit too drafty here at the moment ;-) Perhaps I should try to refrain from opening new doors indiscriminately ;-)

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