Monday, July 21, 2008

Missy in camouflage

Yesterday was another mooving day. Partial moving, since I only took what I would absolutely need during the next few weeks until I find two strong guys with a truck willing to give me a receipt -- not easy in Puerto Rico. Oh, yes, there are strong guys having trucks and willing to make some extra cash, but if you need a receipt ... forget it. Not a service economy, Puerto Rico, no.

(Oh dear, I am finding another fault with PR - I guess I should not have returned, if my attitude stinks that bad! Or, perhaps, I should just go check my blood sugar: I tend to get cranky for no reason at all when my sugar drops too low.)

Anyway, Missy, perhaps alarmed, perhaps just curious, followed me secretely to the car, looking perfectly camouflaged. A cat spy!


Speaking Boricua said...

It's not your attitude; there are plenty of problems with Puerto Rico (and Puerto Ricans will be the first to admit them, usually).

I can't say that your particular grievance is one I'm familiar with, though.

Actually, on the flip side, with less receipts there is less paper thrown in the trash (as opposed to recycled, which--get real--would never happen) on the island, which is good news indeed.

Minerva said...

Lol, Boricua, I agree with paper receipts not being environmentally friendly and would gladly settle for an electronic one. I need the receipt to get reimbursed for the move - as it is job related.
Even if your employer does not offer reimbursement, you can still (in most circumstances) deduct the cost of a job related move from your taxes - but you still need to receipt to document it.
P.S. I was told many Puertorican men are unemployed only in theory - and receive some form of a government check monthly. In reality many are skilled workers working entirely in the black - or grey - economy - cash from hand to hand, which, of course, is illegal.

Anonymous said...

If you find one who gives you a receipt, you will pay more for the service, since he would have to declare the income for taxes. PRs do what they gotta do to live in a place where the cost of living is high but wages are low. -- Fran

Minerva said...

If people do not pay taxes on the wages they make, but feel entitled to lift a check the government (from someone else's taxes) issues them, because the cost of living is high (and why is that?) well, no, I don't think this "justification" of cheating is justified.
And for me it makes a difference whether I pay $300 out of my own pocket (after taxes) or $450 out of my employer's pocket...