Thursday, July 31, 2008

A much better day

Today I got up with no headache, no sneezing --- hurra, the cold was over.

And then my morning got even better: an email from my broker announced that one of my previous offers for a new place with a view, after I withdrew it, got now a counteroffer from one of the owners. The owner now asked for 20% less than the initial asking price AND was throwing in additional sweeteners.

And astounding change of mind in such a short period of time.

So I - happily- accepted the counteroffer without trying to bargain on either size of the deposit or the length of the lease ( although I most likely could have) and made an appointment to sign the contract and hand in my deposit on Monday.

OK, I will celebrate the end of this search after signing the contract... if there is no little clause hiding in there that would kill the deal - I might be blond, but I was once a lawyer, so I usually read even the smallest print before I sign anything.

Still, I enjoyed today much better than the last three days of cold and feeling cranky. ;-)

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