Sunday, January 4, 2009

Flying over Puerto Rico

Leaving Mayaguez airport on a Cape Air flight
There were only two passengers on this flight... but Cape Air never cancels flights
When I was planning to leave PR for two weeks of Christmas/New Year vacation I decided to take a Cape Air flight from Mayaguez to San Juan instead of driving to San Juan and flighing from there.
The extra expense of flying was more than offset by not having to pay for 2 weeks of parking at SJU, not having to drive there and ... as an added bonus ... seeing Puerto Rico from the air. Here are a few pictures:

Lago de Guajataca
Over the mountains
In the clouds
Approaching San Juan
Cape Air planes at the San Juan airport
Starting the return flight from San Juan Flying over Isla Verde
Somewhere over NW coast... does anybody know where this is?
And over the mountains again.
Now I am thinking of taking a weekend trip to St Croix ( I have previously visited both St Thomas and St John, but haven't been to the largest of the USVIs) with Cape Air: the connection is good: leaving Mayaguez at 9:25 I can get to St Croix in about two hours... and the fair from MAZ is only $240 round trip - less than from San Juan.


Anonymous said...

I think you might like Christiansted. We spent our time on the other end of the 14 mile island at Carambola Lodge and it was pretty nice there! There was great diving (better than here). I would suggest you go to the Christiansted end since that is where the restaurants and more city type stuff is. Carambola was isolated with nothing around for us sportsy types. It is worth the trip, but you will find there is a much different vibe there - haves and have nots and some anger about it. But for a few days of being in town you will have a nice time. It'd be a shame not to see it while you are so close. You can hire a taxi to have a dinner out at Carambola if you want to see a cultural thing (stilt walker stuff and singing). But you should be a lot more careful there than here regarding safety. Don't bother renting a car. katrina

Minerva said...

Thanks for the tip, Katrina!

guiso said...

Hello Minerva,
I think that is Hotel el Conquistador. Nice view!