Saturday, January 31, 2009


Looking for an unique - an environmentally friendly - Valentine's Day present?

Then perhaps one of those one-of-a-kind vases made from fallen fern tree branches by 3T Vakil could fit the bill?
Or any other of the Puerto Rico rainforest crafts?


Anonymous said...

Those vases or "sculptures" or whatever they are are WAY cool! I didn't see them at the website, did you see any or buy any in person? How do I get ahold of one? katrina

Minerva said...

Aren't they? I thought so, too.
You can call Secret Garden in Rincon and ask if they currently have any then go there and buy.

Or you can email 3T (with greetings from me) and ask ifshe has any now.
If she does, she can either mail one to you or, better yet, you can make a weekend outing of it, go to Las Casas de La Selva (it's at km 15.9 route 184), meet the artists and the cool volunteers who work and play there, hike the rainforest, swim in a natural pool under a waterfall (either on their premises or at Charco Azul nearby) camp there if you want (they have tents and all equipment) and ... get a vase of your choice.
If she does not have any one, get on a list: next fallen tree she will make some more and one will be yours. Good hunting.