Friday, May 15, 2009

:-((( the pool at my gym is temporarily closed

Yesterday, during my water aerobics class I found out that the sunny Olympic size swimming pool at my gym, the highlight of my near daily gym visits - is going to be closed for 11 days due to some reconstruction work. :-(((

One of the pleasures of my post-Puerto Rico life are daily (except weekends) visits to the gym.

I take hourly water aerobics classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I take weight lifting, stretching and toning classes designed for people my age and/or work on weight machines and elliptical trainers.

Try to find anything even remotely resembling it in Puerto Rico... I could not -and missed gym all the time I lived there!

But after each "dry" workout I enjoy relaxing in a hot tub and swimming in the pool. So, when the pool is closed, I won't go to the gym, even though all the "dry"classes and equipment are available. Without a pool as a reward it would not be even half that much fun. :-(((

So today, instead for going to the gym I went walking in Piedmont Park, while Disa was jogging there, and we ended our al fresco work out passes strolling among the flowers and the sculptures in Atlanta Botanical Garden (there is a Moore exhibition going on in there right now, but I'll blog about it later - today my camera had no working batteries).

Too bad that the water in the condo's outdoor swimming pool is still a tad too cold for a swim. :-((


nicka said...

a ja ba każdym basenie sie topię.... nawet z deską do pływania i ratownikiem :)

Minerva said...

a w morzu czy jeziorze sie nie topisz?

nicka said...

do morza czy jeziora wchodze na głębokość ok. 1 metra :)

Anonymous said...

Do I have to comment in Swedish? :) I noticed all the comments here are in Swedish. Maybe you should blog next about your adventures in the Atlanta IKEA and the interesting people you meet there. :)


Minerva said...

:-) Actually, Terry, the absolute majority of comments on this blog are in English. Some comments (like on this post) are in Polish, and very few are in Swedish. So, English is perfectly acceptable, but if you like to comment in German = or any other language I can read, you are certainly welcome! The IKEA post will be forthcoming :-))