Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring is in full bloom

...and I am taking a spring break from blogging. See ya!


Cassie said...

I think I read on your blog that you used to work in non-profit in Puerto Rico. Is it difficult to find a position like that on the west coast?

I am currently in the non-profit field (public health) but am interested in moving to Puerto Rico and wanted to see what was available. I know it probably doesn't pay well, but at least something to start out would be better than nothing. I have grant-writing experience, some fund raising experience, social policy and community outreach experience. You can also email me at: bckauffman -at-

Thanks so much!

I love your pictures and was sad to see that you had left Puerto Rico. Hopefully you like your new place.

Minerva said...

Cassie, I just emailed you with specific job openings that I know of.