Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cats now and then

My friend, Anna, an avid photographer and animal lover came for a visit and took this photo of Missy.

Then she let the cats out on the  balcony to "help me" with spring planting. That's how they are helping! By an unruly committee meeting! Missy and Tuno want chives to be planted everywhere. And all chives for them, none for me! Sweetie prefers catnip and cat grass, but is willing to share. Rascal is satisfied with my asiatic lilies, which came up in abundabce this year - he loves to chew on their leaves.
At least Sweetie took pity on my needs and  is pointing out that mint needs replanting and the hanging basket is waiting for fresh spring flowers. I agree with that! :-)

And that's how all four of them looked two years ago, in March of 2009, before leaving Puerto Rico. Time flies and cats become older.


agata76 said...

Beautyful pictures and beautyfulcats!

Anonymous said...

Cats are wonderful - so much personality in those little faces! PR cats seem to age much faster than US cats but I hope they give you pleasure for many more years! katrina