Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Path to Prosperity?

I moved to the USA first time about 30 years ago. During this time frame USA gradually ceased being a prosperous developed country and  became a third world country that it now is.  How sad!
Enormous wealth and income disparity, enormous differences in rights - and possibilities - of the privileged rich and the rapidly growing percent of the population that is poor and becoming even poorer.

Sweden might look cold and  in April - and weatherwise it is - but politically, socially, it is a much "warmer"  place for its citizens and residents than USA ever was.

The audacity of a Republican/Tea Party  budget that calls itself  " a path to prosperity" while shamelessly dismantling the crumbling remains of a social  system in the USA in the name of  "deficit reduction" while showering lower taxes on the rich - both individual and corporations.  Whew!  I am glad I made the decision to leave this country permanently and executed it swiftly: I now live in Europe, again.

I no longer need to personally worry about what is happening with Medicare: I won't be using it.
My only worry is the sinking dollar, as a part of my income is in this currency. And as dollar sinks further and further against the euro ( you have now to dish out almost $ 1.5 for one euro, while ten yers ago dollar was stronger than euro, and even 6 years ago an Economist prediction that a dollar would fall to 1.40 to an euro was greeted with utmost dibelief - that's how low Amarica fell!) the percentage of my total income in dollars shrinks, too.  Thanks heavens for strong Swedish crown ... though it does me no good in Sweden. :-(((
But at least its practically free health care makes me smile, as it saves me a bundle of dollars I do not have to spend on health care in America.

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Mrs. KLM said...

Enjoyed reading your blog about U.S. economy. My husband and I are retired, live in Sahuarita, Arizone on 3 acres. We feel the need to grow as much as we can for our health and because of the economy.
My father came to the US from Ireland when he was 26 - hope to get over next year to see my cousins. My husbands grandparents came over from Denmark and Norway and settled in Wisconsin.
Your writing is excellent and shows you have great knowledge of what is happening in the world today.
Karen Mortenson