Monday, May 5, 2008

Sweetie has foud a playmate!

Ursula's casita came with Ursula's newly found cat, Fortuno, a kitten, really, about the same age as Sweetie (7-8 months the vet tells me) and about the same size and shape as her.

At first they did not really know how to react to each other:

then engaged in a little show of one-upmanship:

but after a few days they became pals.


zooms said...

Haha, from the lovely photos I see that you must have a breadfruit tree in your yard. Ours is covered in big brown leaves as well.

Minerva said...

Yes, zooms, I actually have several breadfruit trees and am always fighting to clear the yard from the leaves, which, after they fall, are, unfortunately, not very decorative. :-((

KiTTuN said...

i love this pic.. i like ur kitty so much

Minerva said...

Thanks, kittun, in the name of my kitty... and my own, because your post allowed me a treat of seeing all your many great cat pictures. Too bad I can't read your blog :-((