Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wanderwomen at Las Casas de la Selva

Eye on the Rainforest conducts – besides research in rainforest protection and sustainable forestry - also various educational and edutainment activities.
When I was there on my first visit in March, a group of "Wanderwomen" came for a weekend visit.

They arrived late morning and after choosing their respective accommodations (in tents or in a bunkhouse)

they had a buffet lunch with Las Casas staff and volunteers

After lunch, off they went for a rainforest appreciation tour lead by 3T, Eye on the Rainforest’s president, and an adventureous wanderwoman herself,
To enjoy the vistas of the mountains and valleys

Of wild rivers, waterfalls and naturals swimholes, To learn about many types of trees and a plethora of other plants living there including beautiful wild orchids
When they came back it was a time for a rainforest jewelry making class
And a salsa. merengue and bomba dance class – and practice - after dinner.
Wouldn’t you want to follow their example and enjoy a similar visit to the rainforest with a group of friends – or your family?

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