Monday, May 19, 2008

Adventure? or comfort? or, perhaps, a bit of both?

Sorry, this is not a good picture. You can't tell there is a sea under the sky, can you?

I love adventure. At least until it becomes more than a tad too uncomfortable. Then I tend to switch to comfort... until it becomes too boring.

And there lies a dilemma: how to make comfort more adventurous and/or adventure more comfortable.

That's what happening to me now: I thoroughly enjoyed the casita, its rustic charms, it's wild garden and even wilder surroundings. It reminded me of my vacations in Poland, when my family rented a converted railway wagon, with a living/dining/kitchen in the middle and 2 (small) bedrooms adjoining 2 (very small) bathrooms at both ends of the wagon. It was fun.

And so was the casita when I was working at a leisurely pace. But when I got into tight deadlines with a necessity to frequently touch base with other people over the phone and Internet, the reality of not having either of these conveniences AND having to climb down and up the mountain lugging my heavy and sizable laptop every time I needed to check something out, quickly became a major nuisance, making my work inefficient.

Some time ago I mentioned falling in love with a view and even considering purchasing a house in an attempt to get more comfort without sacrificing adventure.

Well, as it turned out, the house with a view is not for sale, but it is for rent - after being renovated - and I am to be the lucky renter in about two months, when I come back from a trip abroad.

The house is accessible by car, my cellphone works there, there is satellite TV reception and Internet can be had at least over the phone line - or so I am assured. And it has two tremendous terraces with panoramic views of mountains, two valleys and the Caribbean sea.

The layout is not exactly what I would call suitable for my lifestyle (after all it was built for a jibarro? PuertoRican family, not for a single expat retiree with rather different needs and expectations), but agreeable, nevertheless, and thus it could be a lucky compromise between comfort and adventure .... at least for a while ;-)

P.S. I'll post photos of the house itself when the renovation is complete.

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