Thursday, April 17, 2008

Falling in love

I am a no-nonsense type of a person (or so I think) and actually pride myself on my inability to fall in love, that is, to accept someone or something with "warts and all", to suffer the feeling I can't live without this thing or this person. Perhaps because of it I am so flexible and always so ready and willing to explore new pastures at the spur of the moment and have been so resistant to "fence myself in", to choose a permanent (aaaaah, what a dreadfull word "permanent" - sounds like a lifetime prison sentence to me, lol) place to live, a permanent companion (my late spouse was the last one I have been willing to accept on a permanent basis and he died 15 years ago), a job, that would bind me to one place, to a routine or routines.

But now driving daily up and down route 184, I admire the tremendous vistas from many places on it. There are places where you have a vista of the rainforest slopes, then pittoresque Lake Patillas under them, a village (city?) of Patillas under it and finally the Caribbean sea.

Views to die for!

And there is a house, old, ugly (too few windows, too much cement - why, on earth, people here build so haevy, so "substantial" so "closed in" houses in a climate where neither heating nor ac is needed and surrounded by fabulous nature and views, is beyond me. I love open architecture - French colonial style with every room having an access to the outdoors, but with a modern twist: lots of glass, local materials: bambu, wood, stone, airy, translucent, blurring the boundaries of in and out...), in need of serious repair, perching over a steep slope, in the hurricane zone, so it might slide or be blown away ...but with this view.... and this property seems to be coming up for sale... while I seem to have fallen in love with the view!

And with the location: the Caribbean sea within a few miles distance, yet the house high enough to be in a temperate climate, needing no - unsustainable - air conditioning, when it is steamy down at the coast... reasonable distance (about an hour's drive) to San Juan and its urban pleasures , including Borders (and good bookstores are one of the things I am addicted to) ... so I am awfully tempted to make an exception to my "living light and being easily movable" rule and buy that view ... with an ugly, unfunctional for me house, which would require a total remodeling..,. if not demolishing.

Totally nonsensical .... so if this is not falling in love, I don't know what is.... ;-)


Ewa said...

Droga Minervo, właśnie Cię 'Tagnęłam' :) zajrzyj na mojego bloga :) mam nadzieję, że wejdziesz do zabawy. jakos tak mi miło pisać tu po polsku.

zooms said...

Follow your heart. x

Minerva said...

Lol, I guess I have never been a true believer in the "leadership of the heart", but I can afford a little excentricity (following the heart) every now and then, I suppose. Thanks zooms.

Minerva said...

tak, ewo, milo czytac po polsku tez (na pisanie prawidlowo: z polskimi znakami ja niestety jestem zbyt leniwa)