Monday, April 7, 2008

Life in the jungle

... might be adventurous, filled with wonders of nature, but modern conveniences take money and effort to arrange. Ursula's casita, where I now live, has water, indoor plumbing and electricity, but cell phones do not work there, there is no internet - untill I arrange a satellite one, and no TV.

Also, it is located up on the hill, high over a small (5 houses) barrio of very friendly people, who let me park in front of theor houses, because there is no road to the casita, only a steep path, so I have to park my car in the barrio and walk - practically climb - almost half a mile up hill - mostly carrying stuff.
So, without the internet in the casita, blogging was not possible last week and it still requires lugging my heavy and too big - due to its 17" screen - for my day backpack laptop to Las Casas de la Selva, where they have satellite internet. But now I can share with you a few pictures of the casita and vistas from it.
The casita is an interesting construction: the front half of it consists of an old (after 1956 hurricane) container, and the back half is a normal cement and plywood, all - Caribbean style - painted electric blue ...

and with a big and comfy front porch, from which there are fantastic jungle views in all directions.

( A comment for gardeners: at the top picture you see a grapefruit tree to the left, a top of a flamboyan tree in the center and in the second picture, and a breadfruit tree - the one with the big leaves - to the right.)


Speaking Boricua said...

Beautiful! I hope you are counting your blessings!

Minerva said...

Hmm, not sure how to count them: do I count lack of internet/cellphone/TV as one blessing or three? ;-)
Do I count the built in daily exercise (climbing uphill/downhill every time I go somewhere) as a blessing? My biceps are getting bigger, I started loosing more weight, but my knees are sometimes protesting ( I ain't that young anymore :-(( )

Petra H said...

Det ser ut som ett härligt ställe att bo på!! Trots bristen på moderna bekvämligheter men förhoppningsvis kan du få internet snart.

Minerva said...

Just found a Centennial ad for satellite internet - will call them and hope that it works. After all it is 21st century!