Monday, April 7, 2008

A tiny night visitor

Living in the rainforest, especially in a casita that does not have screens, you need to take precoutions if you don't want to share your bed with jungle life.

Yet yesterday, as I was closing the aluminum window blinds for the night, I noticed a little visitor, a coqui, on the now closed blind.
(top picture) . It looked at me and jumped on my pillow.

It is a coqui, a Puertorican tree frog, a tiny creature, not bigger than a top digit of your thumb, yet a mighty singer! The nights in the rainforest are filled to the brim with the sounds of its songs. The locals say that some people can't sleep in the jungle, because of all the noises, while other can't sleep anywhere else, missings the jungle sounds.


zooms said...

Now we are living a similar life, these little frogs like to come and say hello to me when I am brushing my teeth and I am one of those that cannot sleep without the night chorus.
Nice post Minerva, I hope you are very happy in your lovely new home. xxx

Petra H said...

Jag har inte sett några coquis än, men vi hör dem faktiskt även i San Juan på nätterna - uppe på 9:e våningen!!
Lycka till med det nya hemmet.

Minerva said...

Thanks, zooms, Petra. I am getting used to climbing down the hill (up hill is easier) for every little errand I want to run. :-)