Monday, August 4, 2008

It's noon already and where are my oysters???

Today I discovered a new beach. A hidden one, a few miles off road 303. I saw a sign: "playa" and followed it: first through vegetable fields (perhaps the ones, that, like anonymous suggested, have so much trouble with monkeys eating their veggies, then through pastures with horses on,

enclosed with beautifully blooming fences

then through a dry landscape that reminded me more of Texas or some very arid parts of Mexico, than of Puerto Rico.

And then, finally, I saw water. It did not look like either playa or the sea.

I looked too the left: no, that's not the sea.

Finally I looked to the right... and there it was. Something that looked like a playa.

So I drove the pothole filled road and found this beach.

A family was there, frolicking in the water.

And a colorful building.

I parked a bit further away

and as i was leaving my car a guy with a boy came bicycling and sat down in the shade. And from behind the tree I heard someone screaming: 'It's noon already and where are my oysters???'

I looked around, startled and not quite believing my ears (or rather, my ability to comprehend Spanish) and the guy with the boy laughed and - after proper greetings - explained: " we are all waiting for oysters here".
"Pardon?" I asked, still not quite believing I heard what I thought I heard, so he continued explaining that here street oyster vendors from Boqueron waited for the boats with a fresh catch, and today the boats were very, very late.

I thanked him for the info and followed a bit further, toward an abandoned house on a point and then I saw cars parked behind the trees, and in them guys with cell phones, sounding annoyed.

There was not the slightest hint of the oyster boats on the horizon, though.

I wonder why? The see was perfectly calm.


Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Thats so funny. We found the same beach months ago. No one was there. We didnt find a way to drive past the house. It looks like a good place to go mountian biking.

Ewa said...

To brzmi dosyć psychodelicznie :) ha ha. Taka piękna plaża, spokojne morze i grupa zdenerwowanych osób czekających na ostrygi.
Pozdrawiam Cie Moja Droga,

Minerva said...

Mountain biking is waaay beyond my ability, so I did not even looked at it from that angle :-)

Psychodelicznie, Ewo? Lol, zapewne masz racje.