Friday, August 22, 2008


It's raining here again. How about paying a weekend visit to Simrishamn, a - largely medieval, well "conserved" small town in Southern Sweden?

Simrishamn is a fishing town, since early middle ages. (It was first mentioned as a municipality in XII century and as a town in XIV century).
These pictures were taken during an annual Herring Festival. Lot's of boats in the harbor - all on display, all preparing for the evening parade of boats.

Most of them very modern. And the buildings facing the harbor are also rather modern, though made to look like the traditional architecture of the region.

But already on the main street leading to the harbor most of the buildings are old, though very well maintained. The street is full of small restaurants and cafes, and - during the Herring Festival - overrun with tourists.

A bit higher up on the same street, close to the town square there is more small shops, boutiques, than eating establishments. Here the banner advertises an Ibsen play Miss Julie by a local theatre ensemble.

Still higher, a small side street leading from the town square is almost deserted.

These are the typical townhouses in a residential zone. Many of them are medieval - at least on the outside. They usually have charming small gardens with flowers and herbs at the back. Just like the one I had, only more established.

Scania (Skaane), where Simrishamn lies, is the breadbasket of Sweden. It is also well known for its gardens: herb gardens surrounding medieval churches, flower gardens surrounding noble mansions

Here, a quiet picnic square under an old oak (supposedly 700 hundred years old) and a nearby house in traditional style of wood crosses filled with plastered straw bales, more or less the same age as the oak.


Hanneles paradis said...

Mysig sommarstad, fina bilder.

Minerva said...

tack, Hannele... och visst aer Simrishamn vacker!

Petra H said...

Simrishamn är så fint!! Hann inte med att besöka staden i somras men Åhus är nästan lika fint...
Grattis förresten till den nya bostaden - Cabo Rojo är så fint, ligger lägenheten på vägen till fyren? Stranden nedanför fyren är min favoritstrand i PR.

Minerva said...

Jo, Aahus aer fin, men helt olik Simrishamn. Du maaste besoeka den naesta gaang. Min laegenhet ligger inte soeder om pueblo Cabo Rojo, utan norrut, i Joyuda, kaent som den gyllene milen (av fiskrestauranger). Det finns en jagun daer och laegfenheten ligger paa den lilla remsan av land mellan lagunen och havet. Ni maaste komma naagon gaang och haelsa paa. Playan vid fyren, La Playuela, aer min favorit: har bloggat om den vid slutet av december och i boerjan av Januari om du vill se bilder daerifraan