Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let's take a weekend trip to San Antonio!

The weather in Puerto Rico is supposed to be bad (rain, gusty winds) to misearble (tropical depression) during this weekend, so, instead of staying on the island, let's take a short trip to.... San Antonio, Texas !

I know.... 'in August???' you say - 'when its hotter there than a capsicum pepper???'
OK, OK, I promise we shall just take a strol and a water taxi on the Riverwalk (Paseo del Rio). How does that sound?

(All pictures are clickable)


Petra H said...

My husband went to San Antonio and liked it very much! As well as Austin.. I have never been to Texas and actually I am quite happy that we ended up in Puerto Rico and not El Paso, which was the idea initially!
Have a nice weekend despite the weather... My sister-in-law's 2-year old is going crazy indoors!

Minerva said...

Hmm, El Paso is very specific: a typical border town with Texas attitude. But Austin, where I lived for almost a decade is an intellectual capital of Texas: more than a 100 000 students for a population of ca 750 000 + all the geeks etc in the Silicon Hills. Besides it is hilly, has lakes - lots of outdoor entertainment.
San Antonio is over 65% hispanic, has old Spanish style architecture, old missions, Alamo and the Riverwalk. A very nice place to visit, perhaps to live.