Thursday, August 21, 2008

My new place

A partial view from the balcony

... a one bedroom condo overlooking the beach in Punta Arenas, Joyuda, Cabo Rojo is now under renovation, befor I move in during the Labor Day weekend. That's how it looks now:

This is the entry, with a window facing towards the resort, away from the beach.

This is a partial view of the kitchen. the empty space on the far wall is waiting for a washer/dryer combo. I was fascinated by the fan, its color and shape - red capsicum fan in the kitchen! Also by its placement: you can't open the kitchen cabinet over the fridge with the fan running. This window also faces the resort.

My bedroom window

And the view from the bedroom window. Notice glass in all windows. :-)

And this is the view down from the balcony. There I would have to jump, if I were ever trapped again and there were no people around to assist me ;-)


zooms said...

Can't wait to see what you do with your new home. Naturally you have windows that face the resort and not the beach, as you are living in the Caribbean and need to see who is doing what and with whom. The 'louvre' windows are similar to ours and quite handy in case of a fire, as you simply slide them towards you and remove them, thus avoiding breaking all the glass, (although you may break one or two accidentally as they can jam or are just so loose they slide out the wrong way) Love the kitchen fan and the gate and the green blue mountains. Wishing you every happiness in your new home Minerva

Minerva said...

Thanks, zooms. Hmm, now I have to think seriously about "doing something" with my new home :-))

Hanneles paradis said...

Ingen dålig utsikt.