Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cabo Rojo got floooooooooded!

Yesterday driving to work on small roads I absentmindedly drove into a waterfloded part of rd 311. First when I was in about the middle of it and the water pushed by my car created a fountain over its mask I got slightly scared thinking "I should not have done it"... especially that my Mazda is really low. I remembered, though, to push steadily, do not stop and do not drive too fast. Uff, I made it! But a few hundred meters furtehr down the road I noticed an even bigger, scarier looking flood over the road and three cars, including 2 pickups turning away. So I turned away, too. I followed the other cars through a maze of narrow village paths and got to a major road.
And now in El Nuevo Dia I see what the part of rt 311 that I did not attempt to cross looked like (see picture 29) from the other side ! Boy, am I glad I did not attempt to drive through it!

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