Thursday, September 4, 2008

September - an interesting beginning

During the first night at my new place Poseidon decided to have a fit about something and unleashed a spectacle of all night long lightning and thunders... just as electricity indoors died.
My cats got frightened out of their wits, scrambled onto my bed... and punctured it... so I woke up sinking to the bottom of it. Great! All I need right this moment is to buy a new bed!

But wait, it got better. Torrential rain accompanied me on my way to the second day of work. Between leaving the car and entering the building, despite having an umbrella, I was thoroughly soaked. Back to the car, where I had lots of as yet unloaded items, among them a bag with dry clothes: not very professional: jeans shorts and tshirt, but since my "professional" silk skirt and blouse did not look professional being wet, either, it had to do.

And a good soul offered me pink moroccean slippers, embroidered with stones. Very professional shoes, indeed. But they were DRY!

Anyway, not an hour passed and we received a flash flood warning and the office got closed.

On my way back I drove - dangerously - under a tree that fell over electric lines and when I got home I discovered an overturned palm tree blocking my entrance.

In the late afternoon the situation improved somewhat, I got electricity back! It stayed on until 9 pm, when Poseidon decided to unleash another sound and light spectacle... believe me, you'd rather NOT live directly over an angry sea at such time!

This morning there was neither electricity nor water... either at home or at work... but the sky cleared, the sun came on and with it electricity, at least at work.
Isn't Puerto Rico fun?


zooms said...

So glad to hear that you are alright Minerva, (as usual at this time, we have our eye on the weather and realised you were getting a lot of it) and you still retain a sense of humour, the slippers sound gorgeous, you should start a trend.

Minerva said...

thanks, zooms. It looks like we are going to have another week of the "gods are angry" weather. As for the slippers, I had a pair almost like these one, also pink, moroccean, but embroidered with transparent crystals. I bought them from a fellow blogger living and working in Marrakesh. But did not wear them to work, only as lounge wear with cream silk palazzo pants. They looked great!

Petra H said...

Jag hoppas att vädret lugnar ner sig nu och att du slipper fler strömavbrott och farliga körningar under träd och över vatten!!
Hur lätt är det att få tag på en ny säng för dig? Det kan ju inte vara roligt att ligga på en platt ej uppblåst madrass...
Trevlig helg trots allt!

Minerva said...

hi, Petra, vatten och electricitet kom tillbaka. Det aer inte svaart att faa tag paa en saeng. Jag har sett nya Serta madrasser paa Sams Club mycket billigare aen hus meobel affaerer (omkring $300 billigare foer samma madrass), men daerifraan maaste man haemta sjaelv. Jag har tillfaelligt naestan fixat luftmadrassen, nastan ty jag maaste pumpa upp den minst en gaang per natt. Tanker aaka till Sams naer jag har cargo vaen, som skall flytta mina moebler och resterande prylar fraan Patillas i morgon. Ha det saa bra.