Monday, September 15, 2008

He really is LUCKY!

The lucky chavo!

On Saturday I did laundry and airing in the morning: most of the stuff I brought from the casita, although clean, had this somewhat musty smell, so I decided to wash it again. I hanged blankets and bed linens on the balcony: both on a clothes line and on all the railings ....and went to work for a few hours.

Came back and noticed one of the cats missing: Fortuno. I called and called but to no avail.
Familiar with the cats hiding habits I decided to give it a few hours: perhaps he found a well camouflaged place to sleep? Behind the refrigerator? Or the washing machine?

But when Fortuno did not show up at the evening feeding, I decided he must have somehow fallen off the balcony... and ... with it being full of laundry, I somehow did not notice.

Went down, talked to kids playing on the beach. They assured me that they did not see him, but would call me as soon as they did ( I offered a reward for his return, just in case). Then I walked around the entire resort calling my cat... and when I was almost back to my building, I noticed something in the bushes across the place I use to park my car. I called "Fortuno" and there he was! Cautious at first he smelled my hand and let me pick him up and carry home.
The jungle cat fell two stories down and was totally unharmed! Moreover, a cat, who never saw a multistory building almost found his way home. A lucky, lucky cat indeed!

Today I am off to Home Depot to buy a plastic net to secure my balcony (as much as possible) from cats "raining" down from it in the future.


Fran and Steve said...

I hope Fortuno didn't suffer any injuries from his fall. Did you check with your landlord about hanging stuff on your balcony and putting up netting? I ask because my condo in Ceiba has CC&Rs that prohibit hanging things. My tenants were hanging clothes on the rooftop terrace. My property manager said she had to give the tenant a stern warning because someone had reported it to the administration! Seems a ridiculous rule for the tropics, where as you know, sometimes the dryer leaves clothes just damp enough to create mildew when folded and stored. Fran

Minerva said...

I hope there is no such rule in my condo. My balcony is visible only from the beach and from my next door neighbor, but I have never seen him/her. In my building (with nine appartments) only two apartments are occupied, so there are not many people who could report anything. And I happened to waive to a maintenace guy when I was hanging my laundry and he waived back, without being concerned. I really LOVE the smell of fresh laundry. Fortuno seems fine - eats well, plays with full agility, jumping and running around, being his normal teenage cat nuisance :-)

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it is really your cat and not its "stunt double"? We think every chicken and cat has got a look alike and until they appear together.... (hee hee hee) katrina

Minerva said...

Katrina,just in case I checked: he has the same tip of the tail broken and the same front teeth broken, too. (He must have had a pretty tough early childhood as a jungle bar kitten). So I am sure :-)))