Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making a grand entry... the WRONG way!

Mayaguez Resort and Casino - terrace in front of IFC meeting room

This morning I - inadvertently, I swear! - made a huge traffic stop when entering - by car - Mayaguez Resort & Casino, to attend a breakfast meeting of the Mayaguez International Friendship Club.

I pulled into the entry gate too far away to reach a parking ticket, so I stopped the car and got out to pick my ticket up. That went realtively well, although already inconveniencing a few drivers behind me... but when I got back into the car and tried to start it... nothing happened.

Again and again. I opened the mask, to see if battery screws needed tightening, messed with them a moment and ... hotel personnel started coming to get me off that spot. First they tried the jumper cables, but when these did not help, they pushed my car away, so the others could pass me.

I could not believe how many cars I managed to stop during this five minutes (?) of my car mishap!

I told the parking attendants I was about to be late to a meeting. "Don't worry", they told me, "your car can stay here until you get back and then we shall see what we can do."

Now, THAT, I call a first class service!

I enjoyed the meeting, got the tow truck called in by the parking staff, after they failed to start the car with jumper cables. "Starter" they told me "not the battery". The tow truck took it to Mercado Auto Electric downtown, a garage that specializes in alternators (don't ask me what that is, I have no idea), starters, generators, regulators and all things electrical.

The car is now fixed. Starter changed. Parts and labor total $68.78, which, I was told, is a very good price.

Tow truck was $45 and a very nice conversation with its driver, who told me about his adventures driving an 18-wheeler through the entire USA and Canada, when he worked there. He knew how to speak Spanish to a foreigner, and even threw in some English words, when I looked confused, so I understood quite a bit of it. Too bad I did not know I could have used my AAA in Puerto Rico, but I know now!

The worst was the close to 40 minutes wait for a coworker to come and pick me up from the garage, as it is downtown, tight spaces, hot, nowhere to sit and cool down. And, of course, after I pick up my car from the garage, I'll have to try and not get lost, among the maze of narrow, congested streets. But I'll manage somehow :-))


Anonymous said...

Jeff had some truck trouble today -went to work and coming home (in the horrible traffic) the thermostat in the car traveled up past the furthest right hand mark! Not good. So he pulled over and waited for things to cool. He used a towel in the car to relieve the pressure, added some water and trepidly made it home. We've got CAICO insurance which includes towing, but where to tow it to? It was after 5pm. We've got one car. Hmmmm. No backups because of him though - just trouble. If it were me? I know nothing about cars except where the gas goes. Glad you got help - that is one of the good things about Puerto Rico...helpful people. katrina

zooms said...

So where are you now? Hope all is well.

Minerva said...

sorry I haven't respond to comments earlier: I am under two simultaneous deadlines for which I could not plan, but am doing all I can to meet, so everything else fell by the wayside. I am fine. Working a lot, right now, but that I like, so I am happy.

zooms said...

Oh good, will cancel the search and rescue.

Minerva said...

zooms!!! :-)))) thanks...