Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pumpkin cakes - Puertorican style: Barriga (?) de vieja

Funny thing. I get into AMPI's kitchen this morning to make myself coffee and I see our cook making some kind of a dough. I ask and am told we are going to have traditional PuertoRican fried pumpkin cakes: barriga de vieja?
I am just guessing at the spelling, if it is supposed to mean "an old woman's belly pounch"????

So lunch today for lunch is rice and corn beef, avocados and those "old women's belly paunches" .

Ouch. Still, I had two of them :-))

Too bad I had no camera with me. :-(((

But here is a message to local readers: if you ever have too much of some crop: avocado, calabazas, bananas, whatever, AMPI will be thrilled to accept a donation of foodstuffs.

We have 52 mostly low and very low income clients to feed and a very limited budget.


Speaking Boricua said...

Barriga de vieja is DELICIOUS!! My favorite!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those soft little donut like puffs of pumpkin! The oil is the only unhealthy thing - they are pureed pumpin, cinnamon and flour and that is it (unless you dust them with powdered sugar)! katrina

Minerva said...

They are good, aren't they? But try the Polish pumpkin pancakes, too, if you like barrigas, they are more fluffy as they use raw shredded pumpkin. Katrina, our cook uses aggs in her barrigas, in addition to pureed pumpkin, cinnamon and flour.