Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good news and bad news

Yesterday my blood sugar started acting real bad, 270 fasting blood glucose was a reason for serious concern... (normal is 80-120) but yesterday I was lucky.

I was recommended another doctor, this one in San German. I called his office, told his assistant exactly the same in Spanish, what I told the other one last Friday... and got a completely different reception.

Learning about my blood sugar she put the doctor - who spoke English - on the phone and after a short exchange he asked me to come right away and he would fit me between other appointments, as my blood sugar level was serious.

Well, it got up to 370 by the time I got to his office and my blood pressure was 190! Horrible.
The doctor told me what to do to get both down asap, ordered a battery of tests... and told me to make a follow up appointment for next week.

When I was leaving his office I heard him apologizing profusely to a person with next appointment slot, that my emergency caused him to wait 15 minutes.

Yes, this doctor makes appointments, like in any other country.

And accommodates what he sees as emergencies.

And apologizes to a patient who had to wait a few minutes because of this.

I am inclined to treat it as a first swallow of hope, that Puerto Rico can get organized, if only there is some will and some goodwill.

I would make a champagne toast to it, but at the moment I am not supposed to drink champagne. So orange juice it is!

As for my health: I had to refuse (beg, actually) being declared unfit to work, no matter my blood sugar and blood pressure levels, because I have an important deadline and - at the moment - am absolutely indispensable (I know, cemeteries are full of those, but I am still standing... well, sitting ;-)), so I made some accommodations in my work schedule.

Instead of the regular 9-12 hours straight at my desk I now shall work in the morning (3-4 hours, till I get tired) then exercise (swim, walk), eat, rest, ( a total of 2.5-3 hrs), work again... (3-4 hours, or till I get tired) and so da capo al fine till the work planned for the day is done and I am still feeling ok. Hopefully that way I'll be well and the work will get done. :-)
Wish me luck... if you feel so inclined ;-)

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