Monday, October 6, 2008

Pumpkin pancakes

I found this unexpectedly versatile recipe for pumpkin pancakes - a traditional treat of Polish cuisine, which I did not know. Should be handy for all, who "suffer" from an overabundance of calabazas (I think they can be frozen, if needed).

They can be served in either sweet or savory version.

Basic recipe: make a dough as for pancakes: mix flour with egg and a bit of salt. Then add shredded raw (recommended) or cooked minced pumpkin, so that the dough is a thick pancake variety.
For a savory version add minced onion and/or some spices: red paprika, cayenne, chili, whatever you like.

Fry pancakes :they should be slightly puffy to taste their best.

Sprinkle confectioners sugar over a sweet version and serve with sour cream . The savory version is in Poland traditionally served with duck... or venison... but they taste good alone, too, also served with sour cream.
Buen provecho!

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