Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dog sledding

When I lived in Colorado, 12-10 years ago, I took a ride on a dog led sled one weekend and have - since then - been daydreaming - off and on, when I was not dreaming of living in Palau ;-) - of having a dog team and becoming a musher.... even though already at that time I was already at least a tad too old for that... and waaay too unfit. :-(((

But dreams are dreams, so I followed Iditarod, cheering all female mushers, followed all the mushing stories trying to figure out how I could make the impossible possible... but all I was able to accomplish was to talk a musher - whenever I had a chance to take a dog sled run - to letting me "co-mush" ? for a spell.

My daughter, on the other hand, being infinitively more practical than I, just dreamt of having a husky!

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Anonymous said...

Люблю собак! Я бы так покатался...)