Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green day

It's St Patrick's day and the only green thing I had today was a green sallad for dinner: lettuce, sprouts, microgreens.
For lunch at work there was arroz con pollo - definitively not Irish, so I thought of cooking dinner for a change, but did not found in a PR grocery anything Irish. So green sallad it was. And a green tea. My Irish friends would laugh themselves silly.
But I was reminiscing Ireland today - I worked in Dublin two summers in a row some 15 years ago - on an all-European project. Our hosts seemed to love taking us on pub rounds around Dublin... and I had to hide the fact that I really do not like Guiness. :-((
Otherwise, I loved the green island, Dublin, following in the footsteps of Leopold Bloom, a character from James Joyce's Ulysses, who wanders through Dublin some 90 years earlier... Loved the pastoral countryside of east Ireland, too, all those brambles, leek soup, potatoes, cabbage, corn beef... :-)


Coffee and Vanilla said...

I completely forgot about this day, until it was too late to prepare something green :)
I've been living in the Caribbean for a while, while working on the cruise ships 10 years ago. Lived also in Puerto Rico for a short moment. Now I'm living with my Dominican husband in London but we are planing to move back to Dominica shortly.
I discovered your blog today through Expat Blog... I'm also Polish.
Have a nice day, Margot

Minerva said...

Hi, Margo, ciesze sie ze tu zajrzalas. Your tamarind marmalade interests me - not for myself, but as an activity project/fundraiser for AMPI. Do you have any morerecipes for tropical fruit preserves? marmalades? How about a tropical rumtopf?