Sunday, March 1, 2009


You can't imagine just HOW RELIEVED I feel to finally having been able to figure out the way to leave this island soon and without jeopardizing the work I have been doing here - thus without any qualms of conscience !

Will I miss this silvery sea?

No, I am moving to another seafront location - in southwest Florida.
So I won't miss the sea, or the tropical ambience or... the discomforts of living in Puerto Rico! ;-)

I have a new place arranged preliminarly - and - surpise, surprise: due to the recession and overbuilding it is now less expensive to live in Florida's cultural mecca - with its miles and miles of stunning beaches, opera, theatre, ballet, tons of art galleries, abundance of organic veggies at every corner and all the other stuff I could only dream of here - that it is to live in Puerto Rico!

I just need to fly to Florida one of the nearests weekends to finalize things there, so my new place will be waiting for me.

And I also need to figure out how to take some 5-6 suitcases and boxes of my belongings (how on earth have I accumulated so much stuff here, so fast???), 75 punds of books, a flat screen TV and 4 cats off the island with a minimum of trips ( I am hoping for no more than two), and ... how to sell a car in Puerto Rico, while I need it practically to the very last moment....
All the furniture and household goods will go to charity, so that's easy. I'll have them picked up!

Boy, am I glad!


Anonymous said...

You need to come for lunch before you blow this place! As for sending stuff - just send it US Mail to the post office near where you are moving. We sent EVERYTHING US Mail when we came here. The limit I think is 64 pounds and the maximum size is the size of two scuba tanks strapped together _ similar to a suitcase probably. Just call the post master at the new location and they will hold things for you. It is relatively inexpensive and works! Sorry you have had a bad time of it here. Island life (and Puerto Rico life) isn't for everyone. Be sure to eat a slab of sashimi for me - preferably yellow tail! And keep blogging! katrina

Minerva said...

I doubt that US Mail will accept cats as packages, but for everything else - you have a point!

JetBlue charges only about $200 to fly to Orlando, so you are welcome to come and indulge in all sashimi you can - Orlando is slightly over 100 miles from me - a less than two hour drive! Perhaps you could bring two of my kitties? What about it? ;-)