Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cruising Carribean - San Juan part 2

After lunch we paid a visit to El Morro, a fort built to protect Puerto Rico from an attack of unfriendly powers.
El Morro is huge, still impressive, though a bit gloomy.

Walking from El Morro towards the governor's mansion, you pass this big, big green lawn with the view of coastline.

Then we strolled through the grounds of the governor's mansion

Slowly it started getting darker.

It was mid January, but the street leading to the governor's mansion, and the mansion itself was still decorated for the Christmas past.

We left San Juan around midnight, enjoying flickering city lights from our veranda.


zooms said...

Thanks for the virtual tour Minerva, looking forward to seeing the 'real time' images when you get the chance. Hope the move goes well.

Minerva said...

Thanks for remembering me, zooms. I am back, finally, but there will be no - my - pictures for a while: I forgot my camera and I still don't have a functioning internet connection at home, so I can't use my picture data base for musings on the past adventures, either.