Saturday, October 6, 2007

Moving days

are here now.

Today three men are supposed to show up with a truck to load all my remaining belongings and put most of them in storage - and the rest in Daughter's condo. I did not have to go the day laborers' route after all (see post Where is the service in service economy?), deciding to look for a moving company in Atlanta, a 50+ miles away place of my stuff's destination and a big city, after I found nothing acceptable locally.

Tomorrow is an odds and ends day and on Monday a cleaning crew will arrive - hired through a word of mouth after talking to some long term locals, not through any cleaning company.

I am afraid there might be no opportunity for blogging till it's all done. Wish me luck, since this is the part of the merry go round I do not like. I guess I am still not portable enough.


zooms said...

I'm sure it will all go smoothly, sounds like you have everything organised already and are taking another step in the right direction.
Good Luck anyway,

Minerva said...

Thanks, zooms, it did go relatively smoothly, even though I realised post factum that I was far less than organised... but I got help... and I knew I would, even though I haven't asked for it, but was ready to accept it graciously. I hope I never forget a lesson I learned when I overextended myself some years ago and landed up in a hospital half a way around the world leaving unfinished business. I would have straightened it out myself - after all independence and selfreliance were my middle names, but my daughter panicked, jumped the first plane, and seeing I was already better, screamed at me in frustration: do you ALWAYS have to be so darn bloody independent? So, from then on - I not always have ;-)