Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Places with a view: Ystad, Sweden

In Ystad, the beautifully preserved medieval town in Sweden’s southernmost province Scania (Skaane in Swedish) my apartment was shaped like a fan, with panoramic windows from my living room, dining room and bedroom affording - even without going out on the balcony - a panoramic view of the Baltic sea, the ferry harbor with ferries from Poland, Denmark ( mostly the island of Bornholm) and Germany and the yacht harbor; a loooooong, sandy beach framed in wild rose bushes with their heady aroma, interspersed with cute, tiny fishermen’s huts. And, to the left, in front of the yacht harbor, there was en enchanting view of an old prison: its buildings and its walled courtyard. No, I am not kidding: this view was very pleasant, since the old prison was stylishly remodeled as an architects’ office and the courtyard sported a tranquil fountain, and a Japanese style garden. Cool!
(pictures to be found and uploaded)

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