Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Places with a view: Lake Lanier (Gainesville, Georgia

At the beginning of October it finally got pleasant enough in north Georgia, so that I could sleep with ac turned off and all the windows open. It started raining, too. Not a real rain, just a refreshing drizzle and a fog, which made the mountains on the far side of the lake invisible. Mountains or no mountains, the lake view was still breathtaking, both relaxing and invigorating, inviting, on a pleasantly cool day, for a stroll in the nearby nature preserve or for a joy ride to the mountains… just to check they are still there, behind the fog. :-) (pictures to be uploaded someday) I’ll miss that place, that little town (Gainesville), that apartment, its terrace, which I seriously tried to turn into a garden, and most of all that view of the lake (Lanier), the woods and the mountains. I always seem to miss most places with a view.

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