Saturday, March 29, 2008

A tribute to Shark... because I miss her so...

I hope you'll forgive me for being so cat focused right now. I promise to blog and post photos from my former trip to the rain forest and my future casita and other things, like the "swell" and surfers braving huge waves, but now I am so worried about Shark's disapperance, I feel a need to talk more about her.

Here is a picture story showing how Shark was adapting to her/my Puertorican digs and to the new kitty in the household, Sweetie.

When my three cats, Missy, Rascal and Shark came to Puerto Rico from Atlanta, they encountered Sweetie. Shark hid in the closet for several days, Missy (the calico) remained indifferent (she prefers people to other cats), but Rascal, who 2.5 years ago played daddy to Shark's kittens, now immediately adopted Sweetie, who often curled up against his tummy.
Here Shark finally got out from the closet. jumped on the bed occupied by the other cats and is assessing the new situation.

'Hmm, who is this newcommer occupying my place?' (Shark and Rascal were lovey-dovey, and Shark used to curl against him)

' Am I going to tolerate this? '

'I do not thinks so' - Shark turns away.

But after getting to the opposit corner of the bed, she sits, there, obviously utterly confused

'Perhaps I should reconsider? '

Shark walks back towards Rascal...

And lies down next to him, but away from Sweetie.

Please, Shark, reconsider again and come home. Here will always be a safe place for you, your favorite pillow and a bowl full of your favorite food.



Cheryl said...

I hope Shark comes home soon!

Ewa said...

'utterly confused' Shark looks really funny :) great picture.
I am sorry for you and hope she will be back.
You have the right to be feline focused on your blog - don't be sorry :)

Petra H said...

Åh, jag hoppas verkligen att Shark kommer tillbaka till dig på något sätt. Jag förstår att du saknar henne mycket.

Minerva said...

thnks all of you for good wishes of Shark's return... but it's been two weeks, flyers posted, reward announced, she has an electronic ID implant (if only someone would care to read it!)... and still no sight of Shark.