Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another stop at my life's merry go round

Atlanta's skyline from Buckhead -

photo by coka-koehler

When I arrived in Atlanta on Wednesday, I have been asked to stay here for at least 2-3 months, if not longer, and I agreed: Florida can wait for me a while.

Instead, in the nearest future, this vibrant, modern metropolis of South East USA will be my new - and old, as I lived here before, twice - temporary home.

Lenox Drive in Buckhead - a street by which I now live.

I won't live downtown, however, but uptown, in Buckhead, nicknamed Atlanta's Beverly Hills, as it is partially a very fashionable part of the city, full of mega-mansions hidden on large wooded lots on very quaint streets, but also of much more modest townhouses and condos on streets ranging from semi-quaint to busy, as Buckhead is also a shopping and entertainment district.

Of course I'll have to do my best to explore the big city lifestyle: its art scene, intellectual (and quasi intellectual) scene, social scene and - last but not least - the great outdoors.

Since yesterday I have been revisiting my previous memberships: my gym, my art, book, film, discussion and outdoor clubs and picked so far only one - or two - of each and - in addition - signed up as a volunteer with Atlanta Botanical Garden, Piedmont Park Conservancy and Atlanta Community Food Bank.

As I also retained some work commitments (part time, fortunately, no more than 20 hrs per week) I expect to be fairly busy.... and have tons of fun, while living in Atlanta again, for a while. :-)))

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nicka said...

minerva, fajnie, że przeprawa z PR się udała. Rozgość się w Atlancie :)