Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter brunch

Our Easter brunch today consisted, as usual of a mix of traditional Polish and Swedish dishes. First the cold table (above)

According to Swedish tradition we start with a few kinds of herring: (clockwise): dill herring, traditional Swedish and onion herring. It is seved with boiled young potates, caviarm sour cream and egg with caviar, wtrapped in a smoked salmon. After herring come two sorts of salmon: gravlax and smoked salmon with a selection of cheeses.

After that comes ham, fresh veggies and a few kinds of stuffed eggs.
When we were in Chicago two years ago, we visited Polish town there, where Disa found a profusely illustrated book of Polish cuisine. As far as I know she never cooked anything from this book by herself, but anytime I come to visit she picks up this book, points to (too many, in my opinion) pictures and asks: mom, could you do that? and that? and that?
So this Easter I made eggs filled with sausage and clover sprouts (jajka faszerowane masa z serdelka i rzerzucha), King's eggs (jajka po krolewsku), which are first filled with a ham and butter paste and topped with whipped cream with parmesan, and eggs with horseradish and sour cream wrapped in ham cornucopia (jajka z szynka i chrzanem). I though it was more than plenty, but turned out that I forgot to make eggs filled with roqueford and something, so I'll have to make them tomorrow.
Traditionally, after all that we were supposed to have a red beet soup, steamed asparagus, boiled kabanosy and debreciner sausages, and my daughter's favorite Polish dish: pan fried filled eggs (jajka faszerowane smazone), but we had more than enough food already, so a decision was made to serve the other part of Easter brunch for dinner, insted of lamb, that can be eaten tomorrow.
Happy and tasty Easter everybody!


Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

That looks good. What, were you tired of rice and beans?. ;)

Coffee and Vanilla said...

What a beautiful Easter table! :)
We went to friend's house yesterday for late breakfast... they are also Polish, living here in London. She prepared beautiful table full of truly delicious things, I will try to get recipes soon :) I prepared bags with chocolate eggs for children and bunny buns, and made chocolate coffee cake topped with sugar coated eggs... I was responsible for the sweet part ;)
Have a wonderful evening, Margot

nicka said...

piekne :) też mogłabym mieć takie coś na stole, ale przy moim 18 letnim synie, mogloby słuzyc jedynie jako dekoracja :)

Minerva said...

Jeff and Katrina:I ate rice and beans for lunch almost every weekeday for the last seven months, si it will take a while, before I might feel like eating them again :=)
Vanilla, I showed my daughter your Easter bunny buns on your blog ans she was delighted. Luckily, she did not ask me to bake them. She knows I ain't a baker.
Nicka - does your son eat crystal? or just meat? (no fish, no eggs?)