Saturday, March 22, 2008


On Randi's blog I found today's theme, Metal. Suits me perfectly, since I wondered what to do with this photo of a rusty metal piece in Arroyo's harbor, that I took on a Saturday, two weeks ago, when I was visiting the south of Puerto Rico :-)
My picture is a lot less exciting than Randi's metal picture is, so go check out hers and the rest of metal pictures. They are fun.


JesieBlogJourney said...

Can't really tell that it is rusty if you had not pointed it out. It looks metal and fits the theme.

I have never been to Puerto Rico. Do all the people there speak Spanish or Mexican? I'm going to Cancun soon.

gaj38 said...

Great pic for this weeks theme
view mine if you wish here

thanks, happy easter

Sabine said...

I think that's a pretty cool photo - that piece of metal makes for a great motif! :)

Minerva said...

Thanks, Sabine. :-)
Gaj, I could not see either your pictures or profile.
Jessie, if you clicked on the photo to see details, you would notice just how rusty it is. Your question is a bit difficult to answer, but I'll try. Puerto Rico is a US territory, a free associated state. Population of Puerto Rico speaks Spanish, many of them speak English as well. Some learned it in Puerto Rico, many learned it in the United States, since Puertoricans, as US citizens have a right to live, work, study in the USA if they so wish and many go over there at least for a few years : it is estimated that half of Puerto Ricans actually live in the USA, not in PR.
As for Spanish versus Mexican distinction, there are many versions of Spanish, both in Spain and in former Spanish territories, mostly in central and South America, but also on some of the Caribbean islands. Castillan is the version of Spanish considered proper, official version of the language. In Mexico, and generally in Latin America people speak a dialect more remaining of Andalusian (a dialect of Andalusia, Spains southernmost province), since many conquistadors, including Columbus and his crews were from Andalusia and the ships for America sailed from there. Puerto Rican's speak a specific dialect called Boricua, unfortunately pretty difficult to comprehend. You'll be ok in Cancun - like in all popular turist areas many people there speak English. Have fun, there are a lot of pretty places nere Cancun.

Sarge Charlie said...

that is a great photo for the theme, my original photo post had some old farming iron and other farmhouse items, I added a second entry because of something I saw while visiting other photo hunts, please stop by both, happy easter

Jules said...

The Photo Hunt is a great way to show of those unique photos, huh? Glad you were able to use your's. :)

I invite you to come see my photo.

Minerva said...

Sarge charlie, jules, thanks for commenting. It helped me to uncover two funny blogs - very unlike each other but both amusing, so I am looking forward to my futer visits there. Happy Easter!

Ewa said...

Hi Minerva,
widzę, że święta mijają Ci miło :)
Dziękuję za posta ekologicznego.
A zajrzyj tutaj - może ten post Cię zainteresuje:
Insider: Priest, TV and commercial center

Pa pa!