Saturday, March 15, 2008

On the way south

Driving south from the west coast of Puerto Rico is easy: highway 2 all the way to Ponce, where it becomes highway 52.

It is also very pleasant: the hills and the mountains surround you all the time, although already around San German the lush tropical jungle of the north-west gives way to a drier, Mediterranean type flora, a Puerto Rican Tuscany. No wonder so many Sanjuaneros have summer vacation homes at the south: the Caribbean sea is calm and it is not nearly as humid as either in the North or the North-West.

Just before Ponce highway 2 dips down to the sea, skirting the easter half of Bahia Tallaboa, where several eateries tempt not only with food

but also with a relaxing atmosphere and pleasant vistas

on their seafront terraces overlooking a group of small cays, of which the longest is Cayo Maria Langa.

The small sandy beaches under and near the restaurants look tranquil
inviting for a dip before a meal.

I stopped for lunch of a freshly caught local fish at one of them, Pito's Seafood Cafe & Restaurant, where I took the pictures.


Speaking Boricua said...

Beautiful pictures! you're making me jealous! :)

Minerva said...

Thanks, Boricua... it's just the -unedited - beauty of Puerto Rico!
( I was in such a hurry to blog, that I did not edit any of the pictures)