Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My heart is broken :-(((

My beautiful, beautiful Shark is missing since Monday, the packing day. My closet was her favorite hiding space, here she had her pillow and spent most of the day.
She has always been so shy, that whenever I had to hire pet sitters ,they always thought I really had one less cat than I told them I had, because she never let them see her. And on Monday I opened closet door wide, TWICE, and the second time was one too many for Shark, so she ran outdoors... and nobody has seen her since. I still hope she is hiding somewhere, terrified, but will come back before I move away, but right now I am sad and worried and heartbroken that a cat, which trusted me with her newborn offspring two years ago, now decided I could not give her a safe home. :-(((


Petra H said...

Åh nej, jag hoppas att hon snart kommer fram igen. Förhoppningsvis blev hon bara skrämd och kommer tillbaka när hon ser att det lugnat ner sig.
Lycka till med flytten till regnskogen!

zooms said...

I'm sure it wasn't that she didn't trust you anymore Minerva, a cat with her history is one that will always survive and blesses us when they choose to grace us with their company. Hope she comes back soon. x

Minerva said...

Thanks Petra and zooms. I still hope she will come back. Missy, my calico cat was once missing for 13 months! When I was in Spain and she with my daughter she jumped from a second floor balcony and could not be found. Then, suddenly, after 13 months almost to a day my daughter found her sitting at her parking spot in her condo's ground floor garage! Healthy, well fed and obviously well cared by someobody else all this time. But Missy is a friend with everybody from the first minute, while Shark is so shy. And I am moving away in two days, so it would be a lot more difficult for her than it was for Missy to come back after I moved. So I am really, really worried.