Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I broke my New Year's resolution :-((

I resolved to not move for a year and less than 3 month later I am moving again. From the beach to the mountains, to the rainforest. But since I am remaining on the island, I guess I can still play Robinson Crusoe, just a tad more inland :-).

I am planning to move myself - and the cats - during the weekend. But I found out yesterday afternoon that two new friends of mine from Eye on the Rainforest, Javier and Steve, managed to rent a truck and will come today to move all my stuff, that won't fit into my car with me and the cats, to Ursula's casita, located in the middle of route 184 between Patillas and Guavate, that I'll be renting from her, while she is back to London after her winter visit to PR. So I am in a hurry packing today, could use some help... and see how helpful these two are?


zooms said...

From what we know already, would have thought packing is something you can do with your eyes closed. Good luck with the move and enjoy.x

Minerva said...

Ah, yeah, I must have done it yesterday with my eyes closed, because when the moving truck left I realize I packed all cups and had nothing to drink tea in without going to the neighbor to borrow.