Thursday, March 13, 2008

New notebook

On my way back from the jungle I purchased a new notebook - an HP Pavilion. I admit I hesitated before purchasing it, since it was marketed as an "entertainment PC" loaded with stuff like a plethora of games (which I actually started to play... and am already on the verge of becoming addicted to ), an ability to watch TV on it (who ever does that and why???) a web cam (which I have never used before, but might try, if it serves any purpose) and even a karaoke (which I shall definitively never use).

My old notebook, a Toshiba satellite,
served me very well for almost eight years, not giving me trouble even when in Costarican cloud forest, in Monteverde, small ants seemed to have found home in it. But last fall it started breaking down and finally it almost quit, so I bought this one.

It is cool and new and ... not Japanese, but American. And like all things American (made in China???) it started malfunctioning almost instantly. After a few hours the screen went dark. So I called tech support and they offered a following solution: unplug the notebook, turn it upside down, remove a battery, then put the battery back again and restart the computer.

Worked like a charm - twice, since after a few more hours I had to repeat this- admittedly ridiculous albeit working - procedure. Now, could anybody explain to me why (and how) removing and reinstalling the battery would cure the blankness of the computer screen????

To me it looks like black magic - forced by shoddy manufacturing? Now, Carly, or whoever is now in charge of HP, why do you guys sell crap?

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