Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Alhambra, the complex of mostly Moorish palaces, gardens of Generalife and a fort of Alcazaba (from which most of my pictures of Granada were taken) is absolutely breathtaking.
Look at the visual "lightness" of the construction of the palaces,

the amazing detail,

the tranquility

the elegance,

the openess,

the pompousness of official parts of the construction,

the generous use of water in design,
and Generalife's fabulous gardens.

Alhambra invites you to stroll for hours (especially if you - like I - visit in the cooler weather seasons of fall, winter and spring - in summer the heat is brutal) admiring all this beauty and greatness,
resting a while in one of its many courtyards, or at the court of the lions, studying the ingenous house cooling system from the XII -XIII centuries,
hide a spell in the aromatic shade of an old orange tree studying excavations of the new archeological discoveries,

or pose for a photo under the myrtle wall :-)


Ewa said...

Dear Minerva,
What a beautiful place - thanks for sharing pictures.
On my blog there is an award waiting for you :)
Is this you posing to the photo?

Minerva said...

Thanks, Ewa, I'll check my award :') in a moment.
No, I took all the photos. Posing are two of my Swedish friends, Anna and Veronika.

Barbara said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment. I now just see pictures of beautiful Alhambra and Granada, places which remind me of our honeymoon more than 30 years ago...Alhambra still looks the same..but I now look older ;-) !!
Greetings from Switzerland,

Minerva said...

Danke, Barbara, und ich freue mich sehr dein blog in Deutch lesen: Detch ist - chronologisch - meine zweite Sprache (ich bin ein halbes Detch) - aber ich have schon viel zu viel vergessen, ein bisschen uebung mit wundershoenen bildern wird mir sicher sehr gut machen. :-)