Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daughter's birthday

Today's a birthday of my beautiful daughter! Here she is in the early evening, holding the bunch of roses she just received from her ex-spouse, and ready for her birthday party.
This is going to be her second birthday party this year. The fun party.

The elegant party was two weeks ago: an elegant dinner with her seven best girl-friends and.... a butler.

Yes, a butler: a company executive of English extraction offered his services as a butler at a recent company charity auction and she bid and won. Thus the two-part party: elegant and fun.
There was also a third, miniparty this morning, for just the two of us, when, according to a Swedish tradition I woke her up early in the morning carrying a tray with a cup of tea (she prefers it to coffee), a mini-cake ( a fruit tartelette, actually) and a symbolic candle.

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